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special report. >> i know that refinery workers at chevron and other refineries do fear retaliation. >> almost three months after that massive fire at chevron's refinery in richmond, tom vacar takes a closer look at safety concerns and what happens when chevron fails to act. >> and if you ride amtrak's capital corridor train listen up. where the train will not be stopping for the next two weeks. >>> in tonight's special report we take a closer look at refineries in richmond. ktvu consumer editor tom vacar went through pages of refinery records and tells us what he learned about past complaints in a story you will see only on 2. >> reporter: was it a culmination of a long series of events. >> one of the things that went into a disaster is chevron kept running the system for two hours, they didn't want to take it offline. >> reporter: kerr senior scientist for communities of refineries say, look at a fight in the same refinery two years ago. >> this was caused by corrosion in a pipe. sound familiar? it was left in place for 20 years or more when it wasn't supposed to be. >> reporter:
incendio de la refineria de chevron en richmond... miles de personas en el area de la bahia se estan uniendo a una demanda en contra de la petrolera take 2 box blanca -- gabriela dellan en vivo nos amplia.. -- efectivamente. . se espera que el numero de personas en esta demanda se duplique rapidamente.. y en este momento los abogados de chevron se estan preparando para lo que promete ser una dura batalla legal.. 0:0 0:11 0:32 take pkg --kai reed dice que no se ha sentido igual desde que se incendi la refineria de chevron en richmond en agosto pasado.. ese dia el cielo no fue lo unico que se torno gris sino tambien su salud sot 0:13 "i just couldn't breath and chest pain so i ended up going to emergency three days in a row" ---ella relata que luego del incidente comenzo a sentir dolor en el pecho... y termino en el hospital por tres dias.. -- pero reed no es la unica que se ha visto afectada por el humo de la refineria... alrededor de cinco mil personas dicen que sus vidas han sido impactadas,,, ---ahora son parte de una demanda colectiva en contra de chevron.. y esto parece ser solo
the day. would chevron put pipe repairs on hold until after review of the kind of pipe it wants to use? >> chevron agreed to wait to install the unit that failed corrosion caused a fire, spewing emission that's sent 15,000 people to the hospital. chevron wants to replace the pipe with something called chrome 9 saying it's the safest choice but the respected chemical safety board told the city in a letter that might not be the best choice the pipes failed in the unit similar to this one. richmond is responsible for permits. >> whous say sit on what kind of paip they use? >> that is unclear. >> before the agreement, chevron responded to a letter saying we're confident we have made the right decision considering all factors in selecting the material of rebare. we asked if they'd begun. >> this caveolding is doing inspections to make sure no damage occurred p the fire. that is inspection work. >> the district tries to expand it's own, chevron is aing it will wait for talks before moving forward. still would it not answer the question whether pipe replacement permits have been issued
against chevron. it's connected to the fire in august. nbc bay area's jodi hernandez joins us in oakland. this lawsuit has 5,000 names attached to it. where are these people from? >> reporter: mostly from the east bay, raj. and i'm told that it's just the tip of the iceberg. 4,872 residents are now suing chevron, and we are told that number is expected to easily double. attorneys for both chevron and the residents are now gearing up for an intense legal battle. she says she hasn't felt the same since the richmond refinery fire sent black smoke and fumes into the air back in august. >> i just couldn't breathe and chest pains. i wound up going to emergency flee d, three days in a row, actually. >> now thousands like reid are taking lead action. civil rights attorney john buress filed a massive lawsuit against chevron on behalf of 5,000 complaints. and he says it's just the start. >>> we anticipate that we'll have another 5,000 or 6,000 that will file in the near future. >> the lawsuit is designed, one to they would them accountable for what they did. to have them acknowledge their misdeeds
. terisa estacio, kron 4 news. >>> there is some concern over the type of pipe that chevron is planning to use to replace the one that broke last august causing the fire. as kron 4's dan kerman reports, investigators are not convinced they are using the best available technology. >> reporter: preliminary findings suggest corrosion caused the pipe to rupture. they asked for a permit to replace the pipe with something better. 9% chromium steel alloy. but they aren't sure that is what is best. >> this alloy is 9 chrome, can be susceptible to what is called sulfaidation corrosion. >> the same type of pipe was involved in a fire in washington state. >> that doesn't prove it is not a good choice but it prompts more question about corrosion. >> reporter: they want chevron to explain why they are not using stainless steel with 18% chromium. >> hard to predict how fast corrosion occurs. that is why it is so important to use the safest possible materials in the piping. they have issued chevron a subpoena. they have till december 7 to answer the questions, specifically, about their decision makin
will be honored at a gathering tomorrow. >> chevron says it does not plan to increase production at its fire damaged richmond refinery. after repairs are made officials say this will allow the company to forgo requirements to install the new or clean-air technologies. chevron says it will repair, not replace, and existing equipment with what was damaged on the massive august 6th on august of this explosion. the company says it will voluntarily cut air pollution emissions, and replace about one-third of the facilities potentially leaky valves and fittings. also, the latest from canceling drtypical $4. the-gasoline prices below $4 per gallon. >> if you are in san francisco it is $3.98. and that a 75 cents less than just one month ago and the one reason we are paying less at the pump is because the refineries are now at full capacity many were taken off line during the summer for maintenance and all the are of lying to that helps with supply and also the winter blend is not as much to produce as the summer blunt. that is why gas prices are also down as that-summer blin-summer blend..s more expe
downward pressure on oil. oil giant chevron also hurt the energy sector and the dow. chevron had the biggest percentage loss among dow stocks. chevron did not make as much money has anticipated in the third quarter. earnings per share were well short of estimates. similar to exxon mobil, chevron also saw its production and fuel sales fall, hit by hurricane isaac in august, legal troubles in braziand a refiry fire in california. shares fell 2.8%, closing at their lowest price since july. two bright spots for chevron were its smaller refineries processing cheaper oil from montana and north dakota. meantime, chesapeake energy fell to a three month low, down 7.9%. the company has been trying to reduce its massive debt load. today the company said it may delay cutting its i.o.u.'s into 2013. the prospect of the delay was met with selling. you may have missed it but the ipad mini went on sale today. apple's newest product didn't have the usual hoopla. still, analyst expect apple to sell one million or more of the devices during its first weekend on the market. apple stock continued its
>> tonight there is concern over the type of pipe chevron plans to use. that broke last august, causing a huge fire at the richmond refinery. dan kerman reports, federal investigators are not convinced that chevron is using the best available technology. this chemical safety board has issued a subpoena to chevron. they have to answer it these specific decisions about the decision making process of the cost one type of pipe instead of the other. dan kerman, kron 4 news. >> in the letter about the concern they say that there is a 9 percent chromium steel alloy will work the best and it is concerned about stainless steel being more susceptible to stress corrosion. >> in bay area news, this 65 year-old woman. the suspect is only 14 years old. we are getting a photographs. this is one of them caviar king. they are going to try him as an adult. if kaviar.. king he approached the woman, it kidnapped her, sexually assaulted her and she was left on the side of the road which was found hours later. the suspect was found when he went back to the crime scene. and he did not seem impactive
there is still very slow through this part of highway 4 here in the antioch area. >>> chevron is reportedly not planning to increase oil production following repairs to its fire damaged refinery in richmond. chevron filed papers last week stag it plans to repair, not replace, its existing equipment involved in that devastating august fire. that means chevron will not be required to adopt more advanced pollution reducing equipment. they did say it plans to voluntarily cut air pollution emissions and replace about one- third of the facilities leaky valves and fittings. >>> with the shopping season fast approaching a local chain has resumed negotiations with striking workers. they are in the second week of picketing at knob hill foods. it is part of a larger strike of raley's stores. they hope the upcoming holiday will put pressure on company leadership. >> if they want to sell turkeys during the holidays, we can settle. there is enough time to have a successful season. >> raley's says the customer count is close to normal. neither side will comment on negotiations. >>> the federal trade commi
needs to sign off on repairs stopped work open the danieled chevron refinery in richmond. today they're m a meeting with officials and chevron agreed to stop the work until all parties can$d Ñ agree on a plano rebuild. bay area air quality officials say it's not clear which agency would have to sign off. >> it's been aaechl plained we don't have here as much authority as we'd like to have. to be able to permit or not permit anything going forward. >> chevron hoped to get the damaged part of the refinery >> well, it looks like twinkies are not going away yet. hostess brands agreed to mediate. this means makers won't go out of business, at least not immediately. this is encouraging to people who love these products. >> that is right what. did yogi bear say? it ain't over until it's over? right. the jum has given what he called a last chance to try to work things out. work glerz oakland reacted to this 11th hour move. >> wec/20a will see what the outcome was of the mediation. >> today in white plains new york, the judge skdz whether mediations could help the two resolve issues, avoidin
they won't replace anymore till the issue gets resolved. >> reporter: chevron made its choice of one type of pipe. >> we will not start till the findings and our actions have been communicated. >> reporter: another investigator wrote chevron a letter saying their choice over another kind of pipe may not avoid a repeat of the fire. >> step back and take the time to get consensus about how this should occur. >> reporter: chevron insists everything is not corroded. >> we have not found a single component yet that is demonstrating the corrosion. >> reporter: they will review all of the current and future permits to tomorrow night. reporting live, consumer editor tom vacar ktvu channel 2 news. >>> and coming up, one bay area oil company who bid during california's first ever cap and trade auction. who did and did not get their hands on the credits. >>> the man accused of gunning down 7 people at osi ow -- at oikos university may serve from a mental illness. ktvu's patty lee has more. >> reporter: the public defender's office conclouds one goh is not compline -- concludes one goh is not mentall
of hand critics say the ordinance goes too far. >> richmond city council is scheduled to discuss chevron's repair plan tonight. the choice of metal for the new pipes could complicate rebuilding. for now chevron has agreed to wait to install its choice of pipe. corrosion caused a fire that sent 15,000 to hospitals. chevron wants to replace the failed carbon sealed pipe with something called chrome nine. the safety board says that might not be the best choice. >>> pacific northwest taking a pounding from a storm that mike says is heading our way, oregon and washington are dealing with flash flooding, power outage and prompt damage. an elk hunter tide when a tree snapped and fell -- hunter died when a free snapped and fell on to his pent. -- on to his tent. [ unintelligible ] >> our drive in was dry. >> right. >> looks like it still is. mike is watching closely when that rain will arrive. >>> a little drizzle, very, very faint, gives you an idea how moist the atmosphere is. steadier light rain in the north bay, blues even a few greens as it is sporadic now in the north bay. from inverness u
searching but they could start actively looking if the bone starts out to be garret's. >>> and chevron wants to replace the failed pipes with something questioning that choice. chevron will not repair until all the issues have been thoroughly discussed. >>> and they are meeting at sacred heart in san jose. many have jobs and say after paying the rent and bills there just isn't enough money left over. one said without sacred heart's help it would not feel like the holidays. >> it would not feel like thanksgiving and it would be more like a rundown version of it. >> sacred hard is working to provide but they still need more turkeys. >>> the first giveaway starts at 11:00 a.m. at 1515 at walnut creek. then more will be turned out at another restaurant, first come first serve basis. >>> and as we get closer to thursday, we are not expected to have much of a commute and i top think you have to worry. also at the toll plaza, if you are trying to get in from oakland it is a nice drive westbound. and from pleasant hill to walnut creek town to alamo, it is a nice drive. 4:46 let's go to steve. >>> we
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across the bay area when the refinery fire erupted. how chevron is asking neighbors to think about the possibility of a next time. >> and a hands-on lesson in the fascinating and delicious world of mollusks. how these are laying the groundwork for a new generation of san francisco bay oysters. ,,,, ♪ [ male announcer ] introducing a brand new medicare prescription drug plan. it's called the aarp medicarerx saver plus plan from unitedhealthcare. and it's for people who want the lowest part d premium in the united states... only $15 a month. and copays could be as low as a dollar. so call unitedhealthcare now to enroll or learn more. with this plan, you can save 40% or more on your copays by using a preferred network pharmacy, like walgreens. for example, a network copay of $4 becomes a preferred network copay of $1 when you fill your prescription at any of the 8,000 convenient walgreens locations. so call and enroll today. remember, the premium is just $15 a month. don't wait. open enrollment ends december 7th. aarp medicarerx saver plus. call now or visit your local walgreens for
today about chevron's plan to get it up and running as soon as possible. >>> complete bay area news coverage continues right now, this is ktvu channel 2 news -- complete bay area news coverage starts right now, this is ktvu channel 2 news at 6:00 p.m. >> good evening. >>> i am julie haener. >> and i am frank somerville. >> chevron gave the bay area a progress report on its efforts to get the refinery back online after the explosion and fire. ktvu's consumer editor tom vacar is live with the controversy surrounding the repair work going on there. >> reporter: chevron is doing everything it can to get back to full capacity but the question, do they have the right permits and are they going to use the right materials? >> reporter: none of the many investigations stemming from the august fire is complete yet, including chevrons. >> we began our own investigation which is not complete. >> that worries others. >> we have already got evidence the city has
interview with the chevron ceo. we'll talk about whether dividends are in the pipeline or a big acquisition on the horizon. >>> and is it time to kill the $1 billion? the case is being made today on why $1 coins make more sense. do they really? stick around for that heated debate comes up. you're watching "closing bell" on cnbc. we're back in a minute. at u.s. trust, our expertise extends well beyond investment advice and research analysis. it includes proprietary offerings like our eldercare program, which helps provide for those who came before you. and our financial empowerment program, which helps prepare those who come next. resources like these have made us the number-one trust company. that's why generations of families have come to us to help build their own legacies. [ male announcer ] the way it moves. the way it cleans. everything about the oral-b power brush is simply revolutionary. oral-b power brushes oscillate, rotate and even pulsate to gently loosen and break up that sticky plaque with more brush movements than manual brushes and even up to 50% more than leading sonic techn
. >>> in another installment of a ktvu investigation into chevron refinery inspections, we have information tonight on cal- osha's part in the process. the agency has a limit the number of resources to inspect more than 1,000 refineries. two years ago, after a deadly fire at a tasoro refinery. it only looked at their paperwork. >> did we do a walk around? no. >> reporter: cal-osha concluded that california's refineries are some of the safest in the nation. greg is senior scientist at the nonprofit advocacy group, communities for a better environment. >> they just took a statistic that was painted by the industry, and bought it hook, line, and sinker. >> reporter: chevron had no comment. four years ago, cal-osha inspected and passed with flying colors a pressure relief system that burns off excess gases to prevent explosions. chevron still would not comment. perhaps it had to do with other regulatory agencies. >> it might be the criminal investigation the epa has ongoing, alleging that chevron will fully covered up, and didn't report violations. >> reporter: cal-osha's process safety edition has jus
by friday. >>> in another installment of a ktvu investigation into chevron refinery inspections, we have information tonight on cal- osha's part in the process. the agency has a limit the number of resources to inspect more than 1,000 refineries. two years ago, after a deadly fire at a tasoro refinery. it only looked at their paperwork. >> did we do a walk around? no. >> reporter: cal-osha concluded that california's refineries are some of the safest in the nation. greg is senior scientist at the nonprofit advocacy group, communities for a better environment. >> they just took a statistic that was painted by the industry, and bought it hook, line, and sinker. >> reporter: chevron had no comment. four years ago, cal-osha inspected and passed with flying colors a pressure relief system that burns off excess gases to prevent explosions. chevron still would not comment. perhaps it had to do with other regulatory agencies. >> it might be the criminal investigation the epa has ongoing, alleging that chevron will fully covered up, and didn't report violations. >> reporter: cal-osha's process sa
. researchers specifically mentioned the shell refinery in martinez, and the chevron refinery in richmond. they blame the shut downs for the fact that west coast drivers are pay $.50 more per gallon than the national average. but the chair of the committee said he wants to find out if oil companies intentionally misled the public. >> in fact, inventory levels in california increased during the may and october price spikes. so this is what contradicts what the industry is saying, so the question is whether this is market driven, or some form of manipulation. >> reporter: and we have reached out to both shell and chevron for a reaction to this report. shell has not yet responded, but a chevron spokesperson told us she will review the information in the report, and prepare a response and get pack later on this morning. now, the new research will be presented to lawmakers during a state senate committee hearing on bay area transportation. that happens at 10:00 this morning here in san francisco. the chair that have committee, again hope the hearings will result in what he refers to as more di
in the morning and the warmest day of the up coming weekend >>> chevron says their refinery will be operational early next year. that is nearly three months after a major fire there. the pipe burst causing a fire that sept a huge plume of smoke across the east bay. chevron says the fire had an impact in production. >>> well, apple fans can finely get their hands on one version of the new i pad mini and the latest generation ipad. some of the fanfare was missing today when apple stores first opened their door its. >> 3, 2, 1. [cheers and applause] >> reporter: kicking off the debut. lines long, excitement, high. here at the san francisco store at 8:00 a.m. it was more subdued with the line smaller than the number of apple staff serving those waiting. >> i thought it was going to be longer. i thought it was going to be wrapped around the corner. when the 3 came out it was wrapped around the corner. i was stoked when i saw the line. >> unlike the all size fits all iphone they must choose between the larger and smaller. >> i think i like the mini because i can carry it around. what i want to do is
the bay area, chevron's richmond oil refinery should be fully functional again by early next year. the crude oil unit was devastated by a massive fire back in august. chevron is working on repairs right now, they have been since that fire. the oil company's output was down by more than 100,000 barrels over a year ago. that decrease first blamed on the fire. >>> it is the first saturday in november. that means crab fishing season is underway in northern california. recreation al fishermen will have 12 days to catch those. they are limited to 10 crabs per catch. >>> sesame street's elmo and his civic duty. still to come the puppet-based protest rallying support for public broadcasting. >> the chances of me conceding naturally would be very slim. >>> in this morning's health watch a wake up call for women who want to have babies. >>> this is a special weekend because it is 49 hours long. we are falling back, which typically means temperatures are falling as well. not the case as you'll see in my extended forecast, coming up. both mother and baby. but obesity also makes it harder a wo
to his neck in sand to hide from the local police. >>> chevron won't be installing new clean air technologies at the side of its -- site of its august refinery fire. it's decided to repair the richmond equipment rather than replace it. federal law only requires the new technology be installed when major changes are made which means chevron is not required to install clean air systems. however they say they will voluntarily reduce its emissions. >>> get the boards wax asked ready for the slopes -- waxed and ready for the slopes. heavenly and north star will open up tomorrow. cookwood and squaw valley will open up on friday for the weekend. all four resorts got over 2 feet of snow this past weekend. and with the help the snow making they're good to go a week before the big thanksgiving holiday and let's kick it to lawrence now because i have a feeling they will get more snow before the end of the week right? >> oh, yeah a lot more snow. in fact this weekend good news for them. if you like to ski folks you will love it. a lot of snow in the hike coming up right in -- high country co
neighborhood around the chevron refinery in richmond. >>> bishop of the san jose diocese apologizes for the controversy involving a convicted child molester. kx;ñ;ñx >>> beautiful picture of the embarcadero center holiday season kicked off last friday with the opening of the skating rink. head on down and enjoy holiday weather, today not so much in the 60s. >>> new this morning, the chemical fallout from the richmond refinery fire my coat your yard and vegetable garden three months after the fire. environmental group found high levels of cancer-causing hydrocarbons in five of the eight samples taken from different areas near the refinery. dusted dirt samples across nine miles were tested by a lab smoke from that august 6th, fire blanketed much of the bay area. chevron questions the results saying health officials took air samples during the fire and found no significant risks. >>> the bishop of the san jose diocese apologizing for fail give written permission for a convicted sex offender to volunteer at a children's festival. a parent recognized him as a sex offender while he was
francisco and a master's from cal. >>> pollution control improvements at richmond's chevron refinery are being discussed at a meeting today. an environmental justice group claims cancer-causing dust from the august fire at the refinery is lingering around homes and gardens from albany to san pablo. global community monitor says five of eight dust samples contained high levels of potent carcinogens. chevron has questioned whether the tests were significant -- or scientificically valid. bay area quality district is holding today's meeting in san francisco. we'll have more on the story tonight at 5:00. >>> also, coming up tonight on ktvu channel 2 news at 5:00 -- we have an update on a story we first broke on friday during ktvu channel 2 news at noon. what we have learned about a san francisco sheriff's deputy arrested and accused of robbing a bank. thank you for trusting ktvu channel 2 news. we'll see you the next time news breaks. we're always here for you at [ female announcer ] martinelli's gold medal sparkling cider is the perfect choice for holiday gatherings. martinelli
incendio en la refinieria chevron, podria retrasar la reparacion... ---funcionarios del distrito para el control del aire de la bahia, han cuestionado si ese tipo de metal es el mejor para la reparacion, y chevron, no podra seguir los trabajos de remozamiento hasta que el distrito apruebe las nuevas tuberias... blanca ---atencion que hay inescrupulosos haciendo llamadas telefonicas a diferentes residentes en la ciudad de lafayette. take vo ---varios residentes de la ciudad informaron que le jueves pasado recibieron llamadas de alguien diciendo que un pariente habia sido arrestado en lima, peru ....y que necesitaba dinero para pagar una fianza y el pasaje aereo de regreso a estados unidos. ---los sujetos pedian que se les hiciera un giro atraves de "western union". ---la policia esta alertando a las personas a no dejarse engaÑar. cesar ---tiempo de la primera pausa en noticiero telemundo 48, pero mas adelante... take vo cesar ---en san francisco esta mas cerca la aprobacion de los polemicos microapartamentos que podrian cambiarn el futuro de la vivienda en la region... take sot vo blanca
on his behalf. >>> there were in concerns tonight about the restoration of chevron's richmond refinery following a mass explosion. chevron today updated the public on its progress but now investigating agencies worry the metal in the new corrosion resistant replacement pipes may not prevent a repeat of the explosion in august. >> hopefully after today they will not be replacing any more pipe until the issue gets resolved with the chemical safety board with what type of metal should be used. >> reporter: it won't replaced the damaged pipes until the safety concerns are addressed. >>> the california air resources board today released details of the state's first ever cap and trade auction. >> one of the good things that came out of it was we were able to look who bid and determined it was a competitive market, everybody who wanted something got something. >> all of the bay area's oil refineries bought permits allowing them to purchase credits should they exceed pollution limits. they will pay over $10 for each met trick ton. 23 million permits were sold, one for each ton of amission
forward a $20,000 reward. >>> the city council will meet ton to talk about the chevron fire damage. chevron wants to replace the pipe with the alloy called nine chromium. stainless steel is more resistant to corrosion. that could bring delays to repair the refinery. >>> no private parts in public places. we have bob redell in san francisco with more on how this is going over ain a city that i known for hanging it out. >> reporter: if the board of supervisors pass this, you will bare all, but only during the gay pride and street fair. you will see scenes like this, mostly men lounging about completely in the nude as they go about their day-to-day routine. supervisor scott weiner is proposing this because it is happening in the castro. weiner recognizes public nudity is not new to san francisco, but it is so prevalent, people are so fed up and tired of having that visual forced upon them. >> i'm getting letters from customers who regret they can no longer shop here and they cannot bring their children down here. >> why would anybody want to walk around buck naked in public? >> freedo
can clean up the mess. >>> the city of richmond will take a closer look at the rebuilding of chevron's burned- out refinery unit. the city council voted last night to examine the repairs that are being made. the move includes sharing all documentation with the public, plus chevron will be ordered to redo any work not approved by the city. >>> firefighters in antioch today responded to an apparent flare-up in an apartment complex on monday. the latest fire was reported, on delta boulevard. fire officials say crews removed flammable insulation after monday's fire but it appears embers still burned in a hidden area. >>> danville residents are gathering signatures to try to stop a proposed housing development that would include about 70 homes along blackhawk road. the group, save open space danville, says it would violate a measure approved by voters back in 2000. governor brown today added two new judges to superior court. one is a former state bar president and longtime civil litigator. williams is a staff attorney with the san jose-based sixth district court of appeal. both are demo
boom on our hands. thank you, sir. >> thank you. >> coming up, chevron accusing a high state profile official of a breach. as we do every day this time of the day, look at the 10 and 30-year treasury and how they are trading. your 10-year up five basis points, and 30-year moving as well, up five basis points 2.81%. we'll be right back. >> i'm lori rothman with the fox business brief. the dreaded fiscal cliff, speaking in new york, ben to do so could alexander acostas more than the debt debacle of last year. u.s. prosecutors charging the hedge fund manager with insider trading and it's called the most lucrative case ever. it's alleged he made more than $276 million in us liz sit profits. the butter ball hotline is open ready for your holiday catastrophes. entering the 32nd year where a staff the cooking experts field calls from distraught cooks like me during the holidays. that's the latest from the fox business network giving you the power to prosper. >> all right, in a rare move today, chevron files an ethics complaint against an official accusing of him of breaching his fiduciary d
today and have not heard back. >> thank you. chevron says today it will take another several months before the refinery is fully functional. the refinery was damaged by a that sk in a pipe. chevron says after the fire the refinery would be plating at reduced capacity throughout the end of the year. >> working on an anonymous tip, police have released surveillance video and today, they arrested a 20-year-old bicyclist they say beat a muni station agent. we showed you the tape, here it is. police say he jumped the gate with his bicycle and when the agent confronted him police say riley kicked the agent in the chest and knocked him down. riley faces three felony charges for battery and mayhem. >> next week we're expecting the jigs zigs about a former elementary school principal accused of hail failing to report suspected child sex abuse. >> right. jurors spent five hours deliberating today. took two votes and told the judge they cannot reach a verdict and that their split was 8-4. they didn't indicate which way they're leaning. most jurors told the judge additional information would no
for the brother and sister to get justice. ,,,,,, to mobile five and ken basta in richmond. ken, chevron is getting reao make repairs after august's refinery fire. "the city council passed a resolution that requires stf to review their permit app o >>> out to mobile5 ken bastida is in richmond. chevron is getting ready to make repairs after august's refinery fire. >> reporter: it happened as you well remember, elizabeth and allen, back on august 6, that big fire. the number 4 unit, that was the crude unit that exploded and caught fire. they are still trying to figure out exactly what caused that. about 20% of the crude unit and cooling tower was destroyed and they are still investigating. they will have to replace damaged support structures, pressure vessels, tanks, pumps, piping, you name it and chevron has begun the permit process. we wanted to come down to richmond city hall get ahold of the city manager tonight and find out if they are going through that permit process. are they doing it correctly? that's what we asked bill lindsey. >> so the city council passed a resolution that req
chevron is stated as it will replace their pipes at the richmond refinery. this is due to the massive fire that broke out in august. chevron stated that corrosion to their pipes costa fire and they are replacing the pipes with crone alloyed to prevent corrosion. >> chevron hopes to complete the repairs and it will restart this early in the year. >> of this on the muni bus that was damaged. police have arrested another person. this is by a bystander with a cell phone and this is what was put on line. decease several people in this video are setting the bus on fire and smashing windows. this total to about million dollars. the police stated that they would make a second arrest and they're still looking for several other suspects. >> it is now 6:07 a.m. and we will be right back. >> we just learned rekindles from walnut creek that now chick filet is opening up early. as we take a live look will have more on what is going on and why they decided to open up early. >> we are back. it is now 6:10 a.m.. >> the new chick filet restaurant and walnut creek is now open. people were camping out overnig
for the shooter. >> chevron found a way to get around costly repairs and clean air requirements at it's refinery. the plant damaged in august by a fire that sent a black cloud into the air. several thousand people sought medical attention. chevron told the bay area district it intends to repair but not to replace, the damaged unit. that means they will not be required toin stall new equipment though chevron says it will reduce its emissions. >> california state university system is about to make a controversial decision that could affect thousands of current students at 23 campuses. the trustees will vote on a plan to push out students who have been there too long, charging them additional fees. abc 7 news is here with a look at numbers. >> we're talking about the so called super seniors. these students have enough units to graduate but for some reason, they are still makin making -- taking classes. students see this as a kind of punishment for csu system says by pushing the seniors out, they can make room for other students who can't get in. san francisco state university students need 120 unit
by 815 from one month ago >> one of the biggest culprits was the chevron refinery fire that we had in the month of august. now, is going to be fixing the problems but not in a way that everybody is happy with. the unit that caught fire at the refinery fire will be repaired instead of replaced. the city of richmond and the air district are having limited say on how the repairs will be made. people are asking what do these disasters happen this is a big part of their reason because chevron is cutting quarter corners--cutg corners. chevron says they are working closely with the city of richmond and the bay area air quality management district. in addition, all repairs and replacement equipment and materials will meet or exceed industry standards and codes. >> one of the developing story is a flood of water and mud and mandating that daly city. we are live on the scene. inundating-from daly city. we will have all of the high-definition scenes from abc seven right here on kron 4 the new color changing candle from air wick, brings light and fragrance together, to create a mesmerizing exp
? >> reporter: as new information suggests drivers may have been paying more at a time when shell and chevron were supposedly shut down for maintenance and that's when gas prices spiked. there was a report prepared by oregon research. it will be at a state senate committee on bay area pans transportation. they found california refineries were out. those are the ones that deal chevron refinery in richmond and drivers were paying 50- cents more than the national average. we have calls put out to chevron and shell but we have not heard back thus far. that state senate committee meeting will get started in san francisco. all level savage -- alex savage ktvu channel 2 morning news. >>> some good news this morning. this is great for people planning on driving to thanksgiving celebrations. the gas is down 80-cents in the last three months. they are still at the high hest prices and the auto club says they will continue to pay until thanksgiving. >>> they are investigating the attack on the u.s. consulate and they want to know about the attack from the obama administration. >>> right now we want to k
doctora duperly... adelante doctora... take pkg blanca ---la empresa "chevron" blanca ---la empresa "chevron" informo que no planea aumentar la produccion en la refineria que sufrio un incendio en agosto pasado, una vez que sta sea reparada. take vo ---de esta forma, no tendra que cumplir los requisitos gubernamenta les que la obligarian a instalar tecnologia anti-contaminante. ---la empresa informo al distrito para la calidad del aire de la bahia, que solamente repararia, mas "no" reemplazaria, el equipo que resulto daÑado durante el gran siniestro. ---sin embargo, "chevron" si se comprometio a reemplazar un tercio de las valvulas defectuosas en la planta. topvo cesar ---busca usted empleo en una agencia del orden... ---por primera vez en tres anos, la patrulla de caminos anuncio que estara aceptando solicitudes para las personas que quieran convertirse en patrulleros... ---las solicitudes seran aceptadas solamente por tres dias del 3 al cinco de enero.. take fs ---los solicitantes deben tener entre 20 a 35 anos de edad, ser ciudadano de los estados unidos, no tener antecedentes p
parents. >>> this morning, chevron will provide an update on repairs following the fire at his richmond refinery. chevron says it's taking steps to upgrade its crude unit number 4 including cutting back on emissions. the fire in august sent thousands of richmond residents to emergency rooms with breathing problems. an environmental justice group, global community monitor, says independent testing shows cancer-causing chemicals linger around homes in the area. the bay area air quality management official says there's no significant health risk >>> oakland's airport and seaport could see picket lines tonight and tomorrow. members of the service employees international union say they have gone 16 months without a contract so they are going on strike. tomorrow the walkout will include the port of oakland. workers will picture for 24 hours. >>> bay area registered nurses are planning more strikes because of ongoing contract disputes with local hospitals. california nurses association plans to strike against hospitals run by sutter health and the hospital corporation of america. it will be t
." >>> tonight red tape chevron is up against getting it's refinery build. when will it get back to full production? >> here is a man police are after following a weekend crime spree. a wounded cop hailed a hero. >> also a dilemma tonight. free rides or more maintenance. debate over how to spend a wind fall from washington. >> in sacramento, an eye opening report found duies in california don't necessarily involve cho. you may be surprised to hear what impairs drivers more. >> there could be a hitch in the plan to get the refinery back on line. the bureaucracy appears to be slowing down process. good evening, everyone. >> chevron went to the bay area air quality mab4qgá district today to do -- to update the board on the project but the air district was interested in who has authority to oversee that job. abc 7 news reporter is here with the story tonight. heather? >> richmond is the permitting agency. the air quality district is responsible for emissions. but the air district is feeling uneasy with the process, concerned that richmond won't bring the same level of expertise to the table
position. there is a better sense chevron down $3.45. going to nicole petallides at new york stock exchange maybe they thought nobody would best. >> three ipo today the first after hurricane sandy. look at restoration hardware up 32% of the earlier highs but it had a great pop which is a furniture retailer excepted beautifully. standing next to south cross energy up battle point* 5%. they did well even though hurricane sandy blooms on the eastern seaboard. liz: day do not sell hardware. they sell pretty stuff. [laughter] lasalle whole crew knows, the devastation from hurricane zandi -- sandy is felt that these coast with the energy side then the human side. we have lived team coverage 40 miles from and had an atom we will start with you. >> behind me receive the national guard and passing a water but also red cross now showing up but the field of dreams foundation and they showed up early on their own volunteers bringing food and clothing. diapers, betting common medications, food if you can cook or pizzas if you cannot. people are coming out with converters for govett is what is going on i
. >> chevron concerns of repairs instead of replacing. as a result, the city of richmond and the air district will have limited say. >> because of chevron is rebuilding with replacement like-they do not have full perm authority. >> and people ask why do they have catastrophes like this? and this is the reason because chevron is cutting quarter corners-they are expected to meet with air officials and they say that there will be in full compliance >> this seven year-old elder driver 70-years old dead. his name has not been released. and the 11 year- old boy is reunited with his father at the daly city police department after he went missing on friday. he was surprised when he saw officers and a friend's house looking for him. but daly city investigators were off looking for him are run the clock. he was missing for round-the-clock -- he did not have the cellphone and he told his father that he was going to spend a friend with a friend but spent the night with a different friend and his father thought. >> tragic anniversary of this officer that was gunned down. >> and also through daly city as t
. there is concern over the type of pipe chevron plans to use to replace the one that broke last of is causing a huge fire at the richmond refinery. a preliminary findings suggest that corrosion caused the carbon steel pipes ruptured leading to august refinery fire in richmond. chevron has asked the city of richmond for a permit to replace the pipe with something better. a 9 percent chromium steel alloy but the chemical safety board is insured that is what best to prevent future incidents. >> this particular alloyed is call 9 kron can be susceptible to what is called sole foundation corrosion. it does not prove the alloy is not a good choice but it prompt some more questions whether the allied war resist this kind corrosion. >> the chemical safety board is issued a subpoena from chevron the board once questions answered like why they have chosen what they have and explain why they chose chromium steel instead of stainless steel. >> a $20,000 reward is being offered for information leading to the rest of a suspect in a violent crime spree in south bay. police said the suss aspect, we have images. this
. >> the one place where news of sandy's arrival it -- >> chevron says it's richmond refinery cock fully back online -- could be fully back online. a fire last august badly damaged the processing unit that is said to be at the heart of operations. during a conference california with analyst, check philosophy says crucial -- executives said crews have been working diligently. or consumer editor has been combing through inspections. sunday night, we will show you hoe corrosion from the crude oil used there may have played a role in the number of refinery accidents and why chevron would not directly comment on them. >>> chevron today reported the 33% decline in its net income for the third quarter. officials pointed to a decline in production and a drop in prices for oil and gas. net income was $5.25 billion, or 2, or $2.69 a share. that compares with $7.83 billion for the third quarter last year. they lost more than $3 today. >>> rise in unemployment and the increasing estimate of costs from superstorm sandy drove stocks lower. dow lost 139 points, nasdaq was off by 37, s & p 500 finished 13 po
. his complaint comes nearly three months after that huge fire at the chevron refinery in richmond which blanketed much of the east bay in thick, black smoke. abc7 news reporter laura anthony has our story. >>> i'm alarmed. i'm a citizen in this area. >> dan ramirez, the mayor of hercules, one of the cities not far from this, the huge fire that engulfed the area at the chevron refinery in august. the bay area management office has said it plans to fine chevron, a fine that could reach into the hundreds of thousands of dollars. >> what alarmed me is the fine system that the air quality district brings up goes into their general fund. the perception from the community is that those fines that are collected are going back to the community. >> under state law any penalty the air district levies go into the general fund. however, recently the board of director of the air district has provided direction to have the money be spent in the community. >> but there are no guarantees and the practice has been uneven. in 2009 the air district collected $515,000 in fines from developer lanar for faili
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